Clio is a comprehensive law practice management software option for legal professionals, and can be used to manage and improve law firms.

The web-based and mobile accessible system features legal document management, billing, trust accounting, and full integration with many popular tools used by law professionals. With Clio, you can streamline your case processes by letting Clio handle many of the details of the day-to-day office tasks. Documents can be easily created, shared and stored in Clio, and you can also create templates to save time preparing legal documents.

Court calendars mean you won't miss a court deadline, while the billing features generate customizable invoices and allow you to track your time the way you want.

All of the information contained within Clio is securely saved in the cloud, and backed by high-grade security. Dropbox, FastCase, and other popular legal software or tools are fully integrated with Clio. Plans begin at the Starter Level for $39-$49 per user/month, with Boutique and Elite plans customized to fit their unique needs. Legal apps for Android and Apple keep Clio at the touch of your fingertips.

Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter helps you manage your law office and all the assorted tasks you do for every case daily with ease.

A web-based law practice management software, RocketMatter integrates with popular cloud-based document storage services like Dropbox, Box and Evernote. The full range of features includes options for legal billing, document management and more. The add-on intake option lets you set up simple intake forms on your current website, and all of the client information flows to Rocket Matter's CRM.

A searchable database sorts through contacts, matters, and documents to retrieve the information you need, even suggesting possible matches as you type. Save customized searches for quick retrieval anytime. Check for conflicts instantly by looking at all of the related contacts, as Rocket Matter links it all together, so you can see if a conflict of interest is present. Rocket Matter also created the first law management software for iPad. Your solo, small, or mid-sized law firm can run more efficiently with this task management solution.

Pricing is available on monthly, quarterly, annually and two-year plans.

Jarvis Legal

Save time, manage cases, and get things done faster with Jarvis Legal. Jarvis Legal is a legal practice management software that runs on PC and Mac, with mobile access on Android and Apple devices.

You can do all of your important legal tasks, including billing, time-tracking and case management with Jarvis Legal. Billing is streamlined with their “3-click billing” system, which lets you produce invoices and share them instantly with clients.

Document storage uses a drag-and-drop interface, where you can save and store documents, then share them with secure links. Offline access of Jarvis Legal means you can access and edit documents offline, with changes synced to your account once you come back online. Measuring the growth and performance of your law firm with reports lets you see sources of revenue, productivity, and payments with real-time information.

Entering and managing your retainer funds means never having an overdraft with trust accounting features built right-into the software. Free, no credit-card obligation and 5GB of online storage is available, with pay plans at $39 per user/month and up.


Developed by and for personal injury law firms, SmartAdvocate is a personal injury law practice management software and database.

SmartAdvocate helps you keep control of every aspect of a client's personal case, such as options for document storage, communication logs, and deadline calendars. Improve your workflow and simplify the personal injury process by tracking callbacks, scheduling important dates, and emailing documents directly in SmartAdvocate. The robust plaintiff CRM system keeps track of every individual related to your client's case, and shows the relationships for each contact.

SmartAdvocate is the only case management software that was developed for use by personal injury law firms, so it was designed with the features you need in mind. Track your new case performance by using the dashboard to see where your cases are coming from, and filter by case type, keyword, date and other options. SmartAdvocate helps your personal injury law firm be more productive and profitable.